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Masters Wrap Up – Spiethtacular

What is left to say about Jordan Spieth’s Masters victory? In the aftermath of his record setting (getting to 19 under par) and record tying (finishing at 18 under par), much has been written about how Jordan is the new face of golf.  As a coach, this makes me extremely happy, because with Jordan and last year’s champion Bubba Watson, we have two golfers who won their way, with two unique swings.

In a golf swing, there are only a few things that have to happen to hit t...


Masters Week – Azalea

“Certainly the best short par 5 in the world.  It’s a beautiful hole, you can make a 7 and smell the flowers along the way.” – Geoff Ogilvy

Hole number 13, named “Azalea” for the 1,600 azalea bushes in bloom along its 510 yard layout, is one of the most classic holes in all of golf.  It is the last hole of Augusta’s famed “Amen Corner” and is the ultimate risk-reward hole...


How I Use Technology – Part II

During the Philadelphia PGA seminar last week, I had the opportunity to give a live lesson with a student who was not getting the performance he desired out of his driver.  When I interviewed him in front of the group, he commented that his iron play was solid, but that he was hitting his 3 wood nearly as far as his driver and that his miss with the driver was lower and left...


How I Use Technology – Part I

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to present how I use technology to fellow Philadelphia Section PGA Professionals.  The day started with Bob Kramer, Eric MacCluen, Eric Cogorno and myself having a panel discussion on what we like and do not like about how technology is used.  Then we each gave a live lesson with a student to demonstrate how to effectively use technology to improve results...


PGA Wrap Up – They’re Just Like Us!

This week’s PGA Tour event was the WGC-Cadillac Invitational at Doral where Dustin Johnson outgunned J.B. Holmes and Bubba Watson to notch his first victory of the year.  While there were some memorable moments (Rory tossing his club in the water, two hole-in-one’s 20 minutes apart) the biggest takeaway for amateurs from this event should be: TEE IT FORWARD!

You see, even professional golfers struggle to score when the length of the course causes them to hit longer i...


Season Jump Start – Putting

“Consistency in golf depends directly upon form.” – Bobby Jones

Like many golfers in the Northeast, I am tired of the snow and ice and dread getting even more this week.  However, since it is now officially March, the snow and ice will soon be gone and we will once again be able to play golf.  Even though there are limitations to practicing golf with this weather, there are ways to improve your game now before the snow melts.

Improving your putting has as much to do wi...


Posterior Chain – Olympic Lifts

“Train slow, be slow.  Train fast and be fast!” – Al Vermeil

If you are interested in adding power to your swing, Olympic lifts must be part of your workout routine.  Many of us are used to training what we see in the mirror, but we should really be working on what we can not see: the posterior chain.  The chain is comprised of your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves...


High Intensity Training

“Inactivity is a bad thing, but rest is a good thing, and there is a big difference between the two.” – Dr. Mark Smith

This is a topic that makes sense to me based on experience, but it is not something I see people implementing once they stop playing sports.  If you think about the sports that you have played during your life they all have one thing in common: short bursts of energy followed by rest...


Overload & Over-Speed Training

“The body will specifically adapt to the types of demands placed on it” – “SAID” Principle

The best training for golf is to swing a golf club.  If that is the case, why did I spend the last month talking about fitness?  Because in order to train for increased club head speed, your body needs to be structurally sound so it can handle the stress that is demanded to increase speed...


Groundhog Day

“This year I have the best driver I’ve ever hit that lowers my spin rate just like my 3-wood. I drive it longer and straighter with my driver than I did with my 3-wood.” – Phil Mickelson 2014

“It was the worst year of my career… I didn’t drive the ball as well as I can or expected to.” – Phil Mickelson 2015

It is Groundhog Day, and that means it is time to compare what was said in advertisements to what actually happened...